Why starting a Blog is a good Idea for Entrepreneurs

This post tells you why to start a personal/business blog for your startup NOW!

Since the last 5 to 10 years, there is a significant increase in entrepreneurship - especially in the IT industry. Let's take, for example, building an app. It has never been easier, than today! This fact leads directly to more aspiring entrepreneurs looking for content on how to start a business, which mistakes to avoid, or how to write #NoCode apps.

Good sources for these information are social media (like twitter and reddit for example), newsletters from the entrepreneurs themselves and of course: blogs (like this one, hehe).

Sharing your story automatically differentiates you from others

Sharing your experiences and insights with other fellow entrepreneurs will help and inspire them. You could write about how you started, what ideas you're chasing, what did work and what didn't work well for you and your business.

Telling personal stories, writing motivational content or about your ups and downs of your journey will draw emotions, empathy and build a sense of connection between you, the entrepreneur, and your readers. This could ultimately be the start of a long lasting relationship with potential clients.

By writing a blog, you make your work visible to those who could be your clients. In the long run this can help building your own brand. There are a lot of entrepreneurs, who have build a brand around their personality. It's easier to become a successful entrepreneur, if you already have an audience. The best examples are influencers who release products after getting enough traction on their social media profiles.

Why didn't start earlier?!

Therefore, the question shouldn't be "should entrepreneurs write a blog?". The question should be "why didn't I start earlier?"! In todays modern world, blogging is a huge marketing instrument. I can't count how many businesses I found just because I read their blogs filled with content I was searching for. And I bet you experienced already the same. Maybe you found my blog this way.

By the way: It's not enough to just have a blog! You need to fill your blog with useful information, since one of your goals is to be found because of your content.

The struggle with metrics and motivation

I found myself having problems writing content on a regular basis. Not because I don't know what to write about, but because the lack of motivation. If I take a look into my analytics, there's often the feeling of "Is it really worth it?". The problem with growing a blog organically: it takes time... It takes time for search engines to rank your blog post for specific key words - sometimes up to 6-12 months!
None of my earlier blogs ever survived this time span (except for benjaminradan.de - which is doing pretty well for my standards in terms of visitors and content).

To avoid this, I try to ignore the metrics (visitors, pageviews, Google Search Console, etc) and write content anyway. It starts to work for me more often than not. So don't lose your motivation because of metrics, continue the grind. It will most likely pay off in the long run.

Always remember: Writing a blog isn't a sprint, it's a marathon!