What I'm working on

I'm a system engineer by day and a wantrepreneur by night.

These are the projects, that I'm currently working on in my free time:


I'm currently building a camping marketplace. Campers can find nice places to stay. Hosts can earn money while offering unused space on their properties. It's like Airbnb but for camping.

Airbnb was successful because it was cheaper than hotels and offered more culturally. You had more contact with your host, than in a hotal. Maybe he told you, where you should eat out or which club to visit.

advantures wants to offer something similar from those early Airbnb days.


This is my blog. I'm trying to build a community around entrepreneurship and productivity improvements. I'm also talking about my projects in the weekly roundup newsletter so that you can learn from my mistakes 🤓

Conmail ⏸

Since I don't like most newsletter or email marketing services, I started working on my own.

Contank ⏸

I'm working on a scalable private cloud server. It's possible to run on a small fanless server but also run in big datacenter, high availability environments.
It's like QNAP or Synology but with more Apps and scalable to your needs.