📰 Weekly Round-Up - 2022.33

I've learned a lot about motivation and productivity this week, and I talk about it in this weeks round-up!

It's this time of a week again. I will share with you what happened in my last week and what I learned. I prepared some notes in advance, so I should not be lacking in topics. Let's get started!

💬 In this week's issue:

  • Staying motivated. You may already be aware, but I started a morning routine a week ago. And I'm happy to tell you that I didn't miss my target.
  • Prepared the newsletter. I wrote a small list to support my brain. This way I got enough ideas to write about in my weekly roundup newsletter.
  • Improve productivity. When I was lost, I tried to plan my days ahead. This helped me to keep track of the things I have to do.
  • What I've read this week. I've read about the "Tiny Habits Method" and a lot about agile project management.
  • Project Achievements. I faced several challenges in keeping my head organized, but I was able to save an almost lost week.

🏋️‍♂️ Staying motivated

What began last week should be continued this week. I was successful in keeping up with my morning routine every day and motivated to keep it up. So far, it's working good for me.

Same for writing daily notes. Every day I'm recapping the day with a little summary. It's like my little diary. I'm writing down how I felt this day, what I achieved and what goals I missed.

I'm writing these summaries, like I'm talking to a friend. To be fair, I'm writing most of my notes like I'm talking to someone.

I've learned about that on an article about note-taking. Sadly, I don't have a link for that.

🖊 Prepared the newsletter

This week, I decided to plan my topics of the newsletter ahead. I wrote down some notes about what happened this week. To make it easier for myself, I even made an Obsidian Template for this.

I'm pretty happy how the list worked out. It helps me remember what I want to write about.

👍 Improve productivity

On Wednesday, I had a real struggle to keep myself focused. My head was picking up every obstacle I came across and was trying to solve the problem immediately. That is a problem I got at the moment in general with advantures.co. My brain is jumping from task to task and I can't really focus.

At 9pm, I decided to write my daily recap. I used this almost lost day to plan my next days ahead and write some to-dos and ideas down.

After 3 hours, of writing a big ass list, I didn't feel as lost as before anymore.

The next day, I was motivated to do checkmarks on the tasks I planned. Thursday was really productive, and I finished a lot for advantures.co. So was Friday.

Learning: When you feel lost, sit down and do a recap. Think about what blocked your productivity. For me, it was mostly procrastination or obstacles I wanted to solve immediately. I wrote it down and made a list of ideas and tasks I wanted to finish this week. This helped me to stay laser focused the next days.

📖 What I've read this week

I've been reading about multiple and different things this week.

  • The Tiny Habits Method. The tiny habits method helps you to get new things integrated in your day. It helps to make small changes to things you already do. For example, the author would do push-ups when he was done going to the bathroom.
  • I am free. You could be a highly paid manager in your 50ies, but you don't feel fulfilled. This book tells you that it's never too late to find out what you really want in life. And that there are paths to prepare you for the switch.
  • Studyflix. I found a website, where you learn the basics about nearly anything! The courses are collections of small 5-minute videos. After the first course (agile project management), I was addicted! The explanations are really clear and precise. Unfortunately, the content is only in German. But I'm sure there are similar sites out there in English as well.